Celebrating M-A-G-I-C students!



We’re proud of our student’s achievements; whether it be here at Matakana School or at extra curricular activities outside of school hours.  We acknowledge achievements in the following way:

Magic Person of the Week Award

We acknowledge one special MAGIC student at our Friday assembly.  The student is awarded this accolade as they have been Mature, Articulate, Goal Drive, Inquiring or Caring throughout the week.  Proudly sponsored by The Stables Restaurant & Smiths, the recipient receives a voucher for a free pizza.

Plume Playground Award

Our Duty Teachers and Peer Mediators award the Plume Playground Award to a student who has been  MAGIC in the playground during morning tea or lunch time break.  This award enourages students to exemplify being Mature and Caring.  Proudly sponsored by Plume Cafe, the recipient receives a voucher to take their parents and themselves out to the Cafe for coffee and cakes.

Sports Star of the Week Award

Proudly sponsored by Summer Sessions, the recipient receives a voucher for a hat at the Summer Sessions store in Matakana. 

Creative Kid 

Thanks to Brick Bay and Matakana Cinemas we are pleased to recognise creativity at 

our school.  From a special story to a piece of artwork or dance, we're thrilled to be able to offer our students this acknowledgement.  

Pizza with the Principal

A highly sort after accolade at Matakana School is being invited to the “Pizza with thePrincipal”.  Each month, teachers select one special student from their classroom to meet and have lunch with Principal Darrel Goosen.  Mr Goosen visits each classroom and announces and presents the student with their invitation.  It is a sort after invitation and accolade and a perfect way for our Principal to meet and acknowledge these special students.  Proudly supported by The Stables Restaurant & Smiths. 


Students join a "House" when they start at Matakana School.  Our House colours are Blue, Green, White and Orange.  Our house system encourages team spirit  and it is great to see all years interacting with each other in activities.  Students are allocated a House point when teachers/staff see them showing M.A.G.I.C qualities.

At the end of term House Points are tallied and the winning house announced and this is displayed on our House board in the school hall.  At the end of the school year, a House Spirit Cup and House Sport Cup is awarded to the winning House.

Friday Assembly

All parents/caregivers and families of Matakana School are warmly invited to our Friday assembly.  Each Term classrooms are given the opportunity to perform on stage at assembly.  At these assemblies we acknowledge our students achievements at school and these awards are based on the Matakana M-A-G-I-C ethos. 

School Prize Giving Ceremony 

An end of year ceremony to acknowledge students and their achievements with certificates awarded for a great year of schooling.  The entire school attends and parents/caregivers/Whanau are welcome to attend.

Graduation Ceremony

We honour and say good bye to our Year 6 students at a special and very moving ceremony attended by Year 6 students and their families.  Academic, sporting and cultural achievements are recognised with the following category cups awarded: 

  • Performing Arts Cup
  • Excellence in Science Cup
  • English Arts Cup
  • Diligence Cup (one per class - 3 awarded)
  • Girls Sports Cup
  • Boys Sports Cup
  • Mathematics Cup
  • Visual Arts Cup
  • Best All-Round Cup
  • Leadership Cup
  • Magic Student Cup


School Newsletter & Noticeboard

We encourage parents/caregivers to tell us about their child’s achievements so we can say well done in our school newsletter and notice board.  Information should be emailed to our newsletter creator care of the school office. 

Electronic Sign 

We acknowledge students' achievements on our Electronic sign.