Official School facebook Group:  Matakana School

PTA facebook page:  Parents and Friends of Matakana School 

We are pleased to be able to introduce facebook as another means of communication at Matakana School.  The facebook group is called Matakana School Group which is a group formed to encourage communication between parents, caregivers, staff and volunteers in the school community. This group is restricted to people over the age of 18. 

The Matakana School facebook policy and community rules are detailed and attached below.

We ask you to please be respectful of the entire community and refrain posting comments that:

- Contain swearing, expletives or offensive language

- Contain degrading content

- Contain personal attacks or discriminate against others

- Contain inflammatory religious or racial content

- Endorse or proclaim any illegal activity

- Contain spam links, virus or malicious code

- Use the page to promote personal causes, or business activities. Promotion of charities is accepted.

- Violate any rights of anyone else (including any intellectual property rights)

- Solicit personal information or initiate uninvited contact

- Name or describe any child or children

- Contain confidential information

- Are disruptive to a discussion thread

- Reference a third party page or website including posting a link (unless we approve it beforehand).

Matakana School reserves the right to remove content provided by any member that is deemed inappropriate in the context of this group, breaches these rules, violates the Facebook Statement of Rights and Responsibilities, cannot be translated into English (by Google translate), provides incorrect information likely to confuse and mislead the intended audience or violates any formal Matakana School Policy. We reserve the right to do so without warning or explanation. Any individual or group found to repeatedly violate this policy will be blocked from this group.

Matakana School claims no liability in any way connected to the use of or access to the Matakana School Group.

By becoming a member of the Matakana School Group you may receive updates from us in your Facebook newsfeed. To be sure to receive all of our posts tick 'All Posts' in the drop down menu under 'Notifications' in the bottom right of the Matakana School Group header photo.  You can use the options there to control the share of our posts that you see in your news feed. If you wish to no longer “Like” the page and therefore no longer receive content, please feel free to remove yourself by clicking the “Unlike” link located on the left-hand sidebar.

Access to and use of the Matakana School Group is subject to these Community Rules, all formal Matakana School Policies, the Facebook Statement of Rights and Responsibilities and all applicable laws. If you do not agree to these, you must not access or otherwise use Matakana School Group.

Privacy Statement

Members will not be allowed to publish their own posts onto the Matakana School Group, although comments to posts published by Matakana School is welcomed. Please also be aware that parents opt in or out to photographs of their children being used in any way or in any media by the school. For this reason, members will not be allowed to upload photos and/or videos onto the Matakana School Group. If you wish to provide material which may be published, please contact the office@matakana.co.nz.

By making any contribution to the Matakana School’s Facebook group – including comments, photos or videos – you are granting Matakana School permission to reuse this content inside the Facebook platform and in any school media.


Cyber Safety

Matakana School Group will be closed to the public and only have parents/family members join. Please go to https://www.facebook.com/groups/MatakanaSchoolGroup. Once you have joined, wait until you are messaged by the school. Please check your Message Request or “Other” Inbox in Facebook.


You will then supply:

1) Your full name.

2) Your Child's name (any).

3) Their current teacher.

4) Their room number.


This is to ensure that all people who join are part of the Matakana School Group.

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