Student Leadership Opportunities

Matakana School offers students the following leadership opportunities within the school.  Each role has its own specific responsibilities and duties and is challenging and rewarding for the student.   The announcement of the future student leaders is at our Prize Giving assembly.

  • School Leader
  • House Leader
  • Peer Mediator
  • Class Councillor
  • Info Tech Leader
  • Technician
  • Bus Monitor
  • Sports Shed Monitor
  • TravelWise Ambassadors



School leaders have a very special role at Matakana School with focus on being positive role models and exemplifying Matakana "Magic".  They have a number of duties to undertake which are exciting, rewarding and challenging.  I

Congratulations to our 2018 School Leaders: 

Charlie B, Daniel M, Sylvie M & Ned P 



House leaders encourage house spirit, organise lunchtime activities and lead House  assemblies.  They are also trained Peer Mediators that assist in the playground to help the school community run smoothly.

We are pleased to announce 2018's House Leaders:

Blue / Kotare: Sam H, Blake S, Daisy A & Lara K

Green / Kiwi: Sam M, Ted S, Maiya W & Faye D

Orange / Tui: Millar S, George J, Gemma B & Grace H

White / Weka: Leonardo AB, Owen D, Oshana L & Daisy E-L



Our technicians have a very important role ensuring our school presentations run smoothly.  They assist teachers with Monday and Friday assemblies and other special events, ensuring slideshow presentations, music, microphones, etc are presented/work correctly during these important events.  

Congratulations to our 2018 Technicians: 

Remy S, Jake A, Luca C, Ben H, Liliane W, Felicity S, Millah F, Leo R, Josh B & Isla K



Class Councillors have been established as a way to help student voice be heard. Class Councillors will meet with their classes on a regular basis and then report back in meetings held fortnightly. Ideas an suggestions that come out of these meetings will then be passed on to Mr Goosen and other members of staff.   Have a great year Class Councillors:

Phoebe G, Maia M, Ava K, Holly H, Ruby T, Caitlin S, Gemma D, Rama M, Christian A, Louis G, Sophie C, Sam B, Morley S, Emilie J, Siri F & Aria D


INFO CENTRE LEADERS:   Kaylee A & Elisha H



Students in the senior syndicate are invited to become a Peer Mediator in the playground during interval and lunch breaks.  This has been a part of Matakana School's  commitment to fostering student responsibility and building a more supportive and caring culture within the school community, for several years.  Students assist the duty teachers to ensure that our children are interacting in a happy and responsible manner. They help children who do have difficulties, to work them out through talking and resolving conflict, and if there are problems that they cannot resolve, they report these to the duty teacher.

Being a mediator takes commitment and students demonstrate great dedication to their duty. Even some of our junior school students are keen to learn the process and help mediators.  


Bus Monitors ensure our students have a safe and happy drive home in our school bus.  They ensure the bus driver and school are informed of any matters requiring attention.


Students experience the day to day running of our school office and assist office staff with clerical duties.  A challenging and fun role.